Welcome to Saturn Class!

May 2019

In Summer 1 half-term we have been doing lots of fun, noisy activities for our topic of ‘Sound Machine’. We have been listening, exploring and responding to lots of different instruments and sound making objects. During communication sessions we focus on our skills in Intensive Interaction both with adults and our peers. We will also be working on our ability to make clear choices using either pictures, symbols or the eye gaze as well through topic work.

Saturn class also work hard on our physical skills and do physio activities including sitting on a bench, standing in a standing frame and some of us are learning how to move around the class by rolling or crawling.

We have been joining with Mars class on Friday afternoons for Enrichment sessions and experiencing different types of music. This half-term we had a very special guest and had a visit from an opera singer named Becky. She was a great singer and we loved it!

Next term we will continue developing our communication, physical skills and ICT skills. We will join in the whole school topic of ‘Land Ahoy’ and will do a sensory story of ‘Commotion in the Ocean’.


January 2019

The Sensory Curriculum
Areas of learning include:

Communication (responding to people, includes integrating speech and language therapy targets)

Cognition (responds to objects, includes cause and effect through the use of technology and media)

Me and my community (includes belonging to my community both within, the local community and around the wider world)

Care and independence (includes self-help skills and working towards self-occupying activities, integrating occupational therapy targets)

Physical Development (includes integrating physiotherapy targets)

Spring 1 (2018/19)

Our Topic this half term is:

Where am I?

Sensory story text: ‘The Snowy Day in New York City.’
We will be continuing to focus on our skills in Intensive Interaction both with adults and our peers. We will also be working on our ability to make clear choices using either pictures, symbols or objects.

We will be working with ‘snowy’ materials for crunching in New York snow. We have various pretend snow materials to explore including ice packs, fake snow. We’ll be finding snowmen in boxes and under snowy fabrics. We’ll be working on our fine motor skills during cognition too. We’ll also be working through our switching skills to access songs, music, activities related to snow and winter.

Me and my community
We will be learning with Mars Class for some of our communication sessions and during playtimes. We will have shared Rebound Therapy sessions with Mars too. We are planning a trip to Southbank to enjoy a sensory experience in London. Who knows, we may even be able to play out in the snow here at Greenmead?! Snow is forecast!! We will also be sharing artefacts from Hong Kong as part of our theme including food tastes and smells.

Care and independence
We’ll continue to have a strong focus on being as independent as possible in our skills through play, self-occupancy and in our learning activities.

Physical Development
We will continue to swim on a Friday morning. We will have weekly yoga sessions on a Wednesday afternoon where we’ll be visiting India as part of our theme. We’ll be doing Rebound Therapy with Mars on a Tuesday afternoon. We continue to embed our positioning and physio therapy programmes into the day including bench sitting, lying and sitting programmes, time in our standing frames and being active on resonance boards.


This half term, our topic is  ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ so we will be doing lots and lots of movement, floor work and getting on the trampoline as much as possible! We will also ​be pairing up with Mars Class every week to work on our communication as well as our physical goals.

We’re already working hard on our targets with our new therapy team who will be popping in to help all the staff learn all the integrated therapy programs.

We are still swimming on Fridays and are excited to welcome our new cover teacher Kathy who will be in class on Wednesday mornings.

Please do keep in touch via the home/school books or email me. Please be aware that if your communication is urgent or needs attention in the morning then the home/school book is the best form of communication in the first instance. Teachers will check there emails and respond after school between 3.30-6pm


March 2018

We’ve had an exciting Spring Term exploring the sights and sounds of the circus including a sensory story based on ‘If I ran the circus’ by Dr Seuss. This half term, we went on a trip to Linden Lodge School to take part in their ‘elements festival’ where we got to play games and join in with lots of live music and movement.

We continue to love our swimming sessions on Friday mornings and our regularly work with our team of therapists.










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