Policies and Guidance

These are the Policies and Guidance documents agreed by the school Governors:

• Admissions Policy
• Attendance Policy
• Charging and Remissions Policy
• Complaints Policy
• Covid 19 Contingency Plan
• Covid 19 Appendix to School Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Part 2
• Early Years and Foundation Stage Policy
• Equality Objectives for Greenmead School
• Governors Allowances Policy
• Online Safety Policy
• Positive Behaviour Support Policy
• Privacy Notice for Greenmead Pupils
• Privacy Notice for Greenmead Staff
• Safeguarding Policy
• SEND Information Report
• Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions Policy
• Whole School Risk Assessment

Biometric Policy:- Biometrics are not used within our school setting therefore there is no policy associated document.

You can download these documents from the Downloads section below, alternatively you can request paper copies by contacting the school.

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Photo of a pupil at Greenmead School
Photo of a pupil at Greenmead School
Photo of a pupil at Greenmead School

Friends of Greenmead

The Friends of Greenmead (FOG) is the registered charity of Greenmead School. It depends on the support of parents, friends and staff for its success. Through FOG’s fundraising activities, Greenmead pupils have access to a range of facilities which would not otherwise be available. This includes funding Music Therapy. New parents are encouraged to join. If you would like to make a donation to the school please contact the school office or go to www.justgiving.com

Charity Name: Friends of Greenmead Charity No.: 1012795