Admissions to the school is via the Wandsworth Special Needs Service (SNAS) and most pupils will come to Greenmead with an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP).  In the exceptional circumstance where a family are new to the area or a child is only just 2 years old the school will work in partnership with parents, the Local Authority and other multi-disciplinary professionals to complete an Education Health and Care Assessment.

Pupils can be referred to the school through:

• The LA
• Pre School and after schools
• A range of professionals from SEN
• Educational Psychologists
• Early Years Services (e.g. Portage)

A range of professionals from SEND, Contact, Portage, Wandsworth Information, Advice and Support Service and pre-schools may suggest that a family visit our school. They can request on the family’s behalf, or they can contact us directly.

A child can be admitted to Greenmead at any time during the school year, if there are suitable places and we can meet the needs of the child.

Prior to a child starting, the family will have a home visit, attended by a member of the school team (SLT or Class Teacher) and member of the therapy team, to gather information as to:

• The child, their self-help needs, likes and dislikes
• Equipment the child will need in school on their first day
• Medical conditions and staff training needed

Following the home visit the school will organise a handover meeting which includes the parents and community services/therapies and school based staff.

This information will feed into an internal risk assessment meeting and a start date will be decided and parents will be notified by the school.

Within the fist six weeks the class team and therapists will assess the child to further gain an understanding of their development and baselines.

After six weeks of settling in, a review meeting is held at the school and EHCP targets and provision are agreed until the child’s next EHCP review in consultation with parents and the multi-disciplinary team.  For pupils under the age of 5 years old this is every 6 months, for those over the age of 5 years this is annually.

You can download the Admissions Policy document from the Downloads section below, alternatively you can request a paper copy by contacting the school.

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Photo of a pupil at Greenmead School
Photo of a pupil at Greenmead School
Photo of a pupil at Greenmead School

Friends of Greenmead

The Friends of Greenmead (FOG) is the registered charity of Greenmead School. It depends on the support of parents, friends and staff for its success. Through FOG’s fundraising activities, Greenmead pupils have access to a range of facilities which would not otherwise be available. This includes funding Music Therapy. New parents are encouraged to join. If you would like to make a donation to the school please contact the school office or go to

Charity Name: Friends of Greenmead Charity No.: 1012795