Welcome to Venus class!

May 2019

This term we have been looking at the topic “Home or Away”. We have enjoyed reading the books ‘Blown Away’ by Rob Biddulph and ‘On the way Home’ by Jill Murphy. We have also been looking at our local community by walking into Southfields and looking at the different shops and public spaces that are near our school. 

In maths, we looked at money. We counted, we sorted and practiced using it in our own supermarket set up in class.

We went on a trip to  the Southbank Centre to experience Gamelan Music. We had a wonderful time exploring all the instruments and even formed our own orchestra of gongs, metallophones and drums complete with one of our students conducting.

Next term, our topic is Treasure Island and we will be looking at literacy via video. We are also going to be doing lots of experiments outside with pirate ships and other things which float and sink.​


January 2019

The Formal Curriculum
Areas of learning include:

• Communication, Language and Literacy (includes integrating speech and language and occupational therapy targets)
• Maths
• Understanding of the World (includes Science/History/Geography)
• Social Emotional and Mental Wellbeing (includes SRE, citizenship, RE, self-help and independence through integrated occupational therapy targets)
• Creative Development (includes art and design, music and design and technology)
• Physical Development (includes integrating physiotherapy targets, swimming and PE as appropriate)
• Computer and Media

Spring 1 (2018/19)

Our Topic this half term is: On the Farm

Communication, Language and Literacy
We will continue our phonic learning through Letters and Sounds and Jolly Phonics. We’ll enjoy listening to animal sounds and finding the corresponding pictures, symbols or words as appropriate. Our text for this half term is ‘The Little Red Hen’. We will also be reading non-fiction book about life on a farm. Through our theme we will be learning new vocabulary linked to farm animals, farm animal babies. We will be developing our question and answer skills by playing ‘Who am I’ with farm animals.
We will be doing number and calculations, time and shape and measure this half term though our theme. Some of us will be learning how to do simple addition and subtraction calculations and counting forwards and backwards from a given number. We will be learning about the seasons, days of the week and months of the year. In shape, space and measure we’ll be learning about prepositions and position, sorting animals, categorising animals according to different criteria and making sets of animals. We’ll also be learning about size with farm animals.
Understanding of the World (Science)
Our theme lends itself very well to looking at different animals and their habitats and learning about what animals eat. We will also be matching baby animals to their mummies. We will be planting and growing seeds and learning about food farming. We will also explore materials through looking and feeling different animal textures including furry, woolly, feathers, etc.
Social Emotional and Mental Wellbeing
This term we are really focusing on becoming more independent. We will be learning about how we can make simple choices that improve our health and wellbeing. It is important that we are able to share our ideas and views with others and we’ll be practicing how to do this over the half term. We will also be exploring our emotions, by being able to name an emotion and how different emotions make us feel.
Creative Development
We will enjoy using shapes to create farm animals and enjoy small world farm play. We will be doing vegetable printing too. We will continue with our weekly music sessions with Lauren.
Physical Development
We will be doing weekly PE and swimming sessions on a Wednesday morning. We will continue to practice our standing, stepping, sitting and lying through our integrated therapy following programmes from OT and physio. We will be role playing farm jobs through our obstacle course.
Computer and media
This half term we will be learning how to use technology purposefully to create and manipulate digital content, using technology for our maths and literacy sessions and making maps of farms using technology.

September 2018

In Venus class this term we will be learning about Ourselves and our personal history. It will also be a privileged term for us to interact and get to know each other better.

Our class will also have a Forrest School session at the Holy Lodge Centre in Richmond park, so we can see how different it is during autumn and to promote a healthy lifestyle interacting with Nature.











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