Welcome to Titan Class!

We have been settling in and getting to know our new classroom and for a majority of our children a new school.
This half term we will be exploring our likes and dislikes linked to our senses through our topic ‘I like it…’. Each week we will have a focus of touch, sight, sound, smell and taste and our learning will be linked to these. We have been learning about our bodies through our Dr’s role play, singing songs and taking part in science experiments to help build our attention.

Swimming is every Thursday afternoon and once we have confirmed our extra activities a copy of Titan class timetable will be put in home school diaries for you to see the great range of learning your child will be doing.


Titan class have had a great term exploring Transport and Folktales. The children loved learning creatively through the story of Anansi the Spider. During the summer term we are exploring our learning through ​the topic Tuti-fruti. The children will have opportunities to do planting and growing and experience different fruit from around the world.

Children will continue to work on their IEP’s and have therapy each week. You can find our weekly timetable inside the home school books which will tell you what we are doing each day. During the summer term the children will have an educational visit. Visit our page soon to find out more.


Titan Class Teacher


This half term our topic will be ‘Knowing You, Knowing Me’ followed by ‘Christmas’.

You can find our weekly timetable inside the home school books which will tell you what we are doing each day. Half of Titan class will be swimming on a Tuesday afternoon whilst the other half will have physiotherapy during that time. Then next half term, these groups will swap over. We are very excited to use our new on site purpose-built hydrotherapy pool!

Please come and visit our page again soon when we will have more news to share.


Titan Class Teacher












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