Welcome to Neptune Class!

May 2019

This half term Neptune have enjoyed learning about animals that belong On the Farm or In the Jungle. One of our favourite things has been our sound sensory story ‘Walking through the jungle’ and starting a gardening club. Our topic books have been ‘on the farm’ and ‘Rumble in the Jungle’

Last half term we learnt about creepy crawlies and visited Kew Gardens to see if we could find any! We loved visiting The Hive and feeling and listening to the vibrations of the bees buzzing. 

We are already excited for next half term when we will be learning about Pirates and Mermaids and spending lots of time outside in the sun.


January 2019

The EYFS Curriculum

Areas of learning include:

Communication, Language and Literacy Interacting, responding, developing communication skills and strategies (building understanding of pictures and symbols), and speech and language therapy targets.

Cognition/Maths Exploring the world around us, and what makes it change (cause and effect), developing fine motor skills through exploration, developing auditory and visual skills, learning that  objects still exist when out of sight (object permanence), developing underspending of numbers, space, shape and measure.

Understanding the World Belonging to my community both within, the local community and around the wider world, and using technology.

Personal, Social, Emotional Development Developing relationships with peers and adults, developing self-help skills, working towards self-occupying activities, working on occupational therapy targets.

Physical Development Developing physical strength through varied positioning when playing, working on physiotherapy targets.

Expressive Arts and Design Exploring media and materials, music and being imaginative.

Learning through Play…

All of the learning in Nursery is accessed through Topic enhanced play, as outlined in this overview. While accessing these activities, children are encouraged to use and extend all of their skills within every area of play in the classroom.

Spring 1 (2018/19)

Our Topic this half term is:

The Wheels on the Bus

Communication, Language and Literacy

Our texts for this half term include; The Naughty Bus, The Train Ride, Duck in the Truck, Mrs Armitage on Wheels and Mrs Grumpy’s Outing.  We’ll be practicing our mark making in different types of media and move onto tracing shapes, lines and circles.   Within our small world play we’ll be developing our symbolic play and explore transport noises.  Our theme on transport will also allow us to learn lots of new vocabulary through speech, symbol and sign.  This supports our work in Phase 1 of phonics.


Counting Songs will include; Five little firefighters, Ten big buses (tune ten green bottles), five little aeroplanes (tune 5 little speckled frogs), 5 whirling helicopters (tune five little ducks).  We will be finding transport toys around the classroom and school environment to practice our understanding of prepositions; in/on/under/next to.  We’ll also use the beebots (electronic bees that move when programmed) to support our learning of direction i.e. up/down/side to side.

Understanding the World

We will be making and following maps of favourite parts of our classroom and school.  We will be learning about key road safety and use different tools to ‘fix’ our vehicles.    We will be learning about floating/sinking/balancing/heavy/light in our role play areas.

Expressive art and Design

We’ll be getting messy in by doing wheel and track printing, junk modelling to make transport and tracks/ road.  In our role play areas we’ll be exploring people who help us; fireman, policeman, ambulance driver etc.….  We will also be practicing our scissor skills by making oyster cards.


There will be whole and small group activities that promote turn taking and peer interactions and relationship development.   We will be thinking of how children get to school and transport used, people who help us.  Some children will be sharing their lunch and playtimes with friends from Ronald Ross School.

Physical Development

We will be using scooters and bikes to travel across the playground and focus on our balancing and building core strength.  We will continue to enjoy dance incorporating movement and rhythm—including imitating and creating our own routines.


September 2018

The new Neptune class has settled in well and we have been enjoying getting to know our new friends and helpers. This half term we have been exploring and sharing things we like and things we don’t like and have been using our senses to investigate different things. We enjoyed looking at ourselves in mirrors and trying on different hats, wigs and glasses. We thought it was very funny to use the secret feely box and touch hidden items, the mashed banana made us all laugh! We have been painting with spices and making herb playdough. We have been enjoying doing our lying program all together and working on our physical targets. Some of us have been learning to use the eye gaze for communication and others continue to use personalised communication book.










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