Welcome to Mercury Class!

May 2019

During the first half of the Summer Term Mercury had a great opportunity to explore the community through our topic ‘Home or Away’, building houses with different materials e.g. bricks, woods and stones and learning new vocabulary and Makaton signs! During the 2nd half of the Summer Term, Mercury is looking forward to the next topic ‘Treasure Island’! The children will practice their attention and concentration through daily reading, interacting with stories full of mystery, pirates and treasure hunting! Pirates spend a lot of their time on water, so Mercury will use this opportunity to investigate water in different ways. Looking at absorption and materials that absorb the most water through experiments. Can you hold the wet sponge up in the air without the water escaping? Floating and sinking – How much weight can a paper boat support before it sinks? Can we design a boat to carry the heaviest cargo?  At the end of the year Mercury will have the answers!

Mercury will continue going shopping on Mondays buying ingredients for making a recipe. Functional maths will be applied to help make our favourite recipe, counting teaspoons of oats, cups of milk, cutting the fruits in half (link to measurement) and many more! Counting and number recognition during number rhymes, songs and number games.  

Visiting the African gallery at the British Museum, will be a unique opportunity for the little pirates of Mercury to explore and learn about the African culture, interacting with learning activities and tasting African fruits. The African continent is well known for its vast instruments. Many tribes or ethnic communities have their own magical instruments which our school has the privilege to have. Kalimba, Talking Drum, Balafon, Shekere, Djembe and Mbira will be available for the children to explore and travel through African sounds and rhythms.


January 2019

The Semi-Formal Curriculum

Areas of learning include:                             

  • Communication (includes integrating speech and language therapy targets)
  • Cognition (includes cause and effect through the use of technology and media)
  • How the world works (includes exploring the world around me, developing a sense of time and place, developing a sense of community and scientific understanding)
  • Physical Development (includes integrating physiotherapy targets)
  • My creativity (includes music, art and design, cooking)
  • My care and independence (includes self-help skills and working towards self-occupying activities, integrating occupational therapy targets)

Spring 1 (2018/19)

Our Topic this half term is:

Gallery Rebels

My creativity

We’ll be looking at old and modern day artists, including sculptures, paintings and graffiti.    We’ll explore different types of materials to be used in art and what happens when I mix colours?  We’ll also be using our communication to talk about what I like/don’t like about a piece of art.  We’ll be exploring artists through the ages including; Monet, Picasso, Gaudi and Matisse.


Our focus this term will be on exploring and talking about our emotions and how we can use this within art.  We will be identifying and naming body parts in our portrait work.  Pupils will be learning new vocabulary related to art works including colour names, symbols and signs.  Our texts this half term include; ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and ‘The lady and the hat.’


Pupils will be provided with opportunities to access and explore a broad range of mathematical concepts including shapes, size, position and direction.  We will be learning about shapes through art and developing our skills in sorting and matching with shapes and colours.  We will also be exploring, copying and continuing patterns through our artwork.

How the world works

Children will observe and experience a range of material, textures and colours through sensory art, sensory stories and role play.  Pupils will use technology to edit photos with paint programmes.

Physical development

We will continue our weekly swimming sessions and are excited to be doing Dance with Kaisha on a Tuesday morning.  We are also going to do weekly yoga sessions and well as explore and develop our skills linked to team games; including throwing and catching.


September 2018

Mercury  class are learning through the topic of Street Detectives this half term.  We are using Google maps to find out about our local area and will be exploring some new places in the community. The texts we are reading are The Detective Dog and The Children who Smelled a Rat! This will involve using props and making masks in art.

Children will continue to work on their IEP’s and have integrated therapy each week. You can find our weekly timetable inside the home school books which will tell you what we are doing each day.














Friends of Greenmead

The Friends of Greenmead (FOG) is the registered charity of Greenmead School. It depends on the support of parents, friends and staff for its success. Through FOG’s fundraising activities, Greenmead pupils have access to a range of facilities which would not otherwise be available. This includes funding Music Therapy. New parents are encouraged to join. If you would like to make a donation to the school please contact the school office or go to

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