Welcome to Jupiter Class!

A very warm welcome to all our children, parents and staff who have joined us in Jupiter Class this year.

We have exciting topics to look forward to learning about this year!

But what better place to start than ‘home’…so as ‘Street Detectives’ we have started exploring and learning more about the area in which we live in.

The pupils can look forward to trips to the local shops, the library and also restaurants close to our school over the year. A particular focus will be on learning about shopping, the value of money, time, making requests and promoting independence. This is especially important for our year 6’s who will be preparing for their transfer to secondary school, next year!

Our book for this term is ‘The Detective Dog’ and the children are already loving it!

We are also excited about swimming, music and our whole school assemblies on Friday afternoons.

Don’t blink…before you know it, we will be singing Christmas carols!!

Wishing you all a happy Autumn term!


Jupiter class is going through a highly productive and exciting term so far! Our ‘Superheroes’ topic filled our time with lots of activities that helped us enhance our English, Maths and Science knowledge! We are also becoming more responsible and energetic by imitating superheroes’ behaviours and we now know how to treat our health and bodies better having prepared and eaten multiple delicious smoothies! We were impressed by the great physician Stephen Hawking and his achievements and we also explored the artist Pablo Picasso and his famous paintings, learning about different painting techniques and discovering our talents and our aptitudes!
Having spent quiet a lot of time talking about everyday superheroes such as firemen and policemen and having seen how much everyone loves and admires their jobs, we have decided to host an afternoon tea event which will give us the chance to ask them questions and learn many new things about their jobs and responsibilities! We also read Supertato’s stories by Sue Hendra! This gave us the opportunity to work as a team, express our thoughts and opinions on various topics through role play and drama exercises.
Another exciting adventure this term is that we experienced our first residential trip! The children spent some time away from home surrounded by the beauty of nature. It was a great chance to explore the countryside, to be with our friends and to witness the night sky in all its glory. On our return it was decided that our favourite part of the trip was when we wore our pyjamas and chitchatted with each other, lying on our beds before sleeping.
Last but not least we will work alongside children of Ronald Ross school to help curate a celebratory exhibition that focuses on the designing and the making of the ‘Stained Glass’ window. Using Henri Matisse as a starting point we will investigate colour and shape as part of our design.
Stay tuned with Jupiter’s news as more breath-taking stories will be written!

Spring Term
We have had another busy term in Jupiter Class.  After Christmas we were happy to return and see our friends and began learning all about Mexico.  We now know what the Mexican flag looks like and where Britain and Mexico can be found on a world map.  Our favourite part of the topic was when we had a fiesta and got to eat Mexican food with Mercury Class!  Jupiter also attended the Panathlon this term along with some of our friends in Venus Class and we were very excited when we helped Wandsworth come in first place! We competed in manual and electric wheelchair slaloms and relay races, the bean bag toss and adapted Kurling.  We have been invited to now compete in the Semi-Finals at the end of this month so please keep your fingers crossed for us.

Currently, we are learning all about the author Roald Dahl and have been enjoying reading the story Fantastic Mr Fox as well as some of his other classics.  Next half term Jupiter will have a new teacher, Dimitra, and our topic will be Superheroes. We are all also beginning to get very excited for our first ever residential trip! Check back with us soon to hear how we get on in the Panathalon and to see some photos from our camping trip!

Jupiter Class explored our new building in our topic ‘Changes’ during the first half of the Autumn Term.  We also looked at changing states by carrying out various science experiments and the changing seasons when we went on an Autumn walk on Putney Heath.  We created art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy and celebrated Black History Month.  Jupiter Class also attended the Wandsworth Parasports Boccia competition and both of our teams came in 2nd place!  Up until December we will be learning all about the Victorians, including what school was like for them and how they celebrated Christmas.










Friends of Greenmead

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