Welcome to Europa Class!

May 2019

This term, Europa Class have enjoyed learning about animals from the Jungle and the Farm! We have explored jungle swamps with our feet and hands, danced to the animal boogie, and chosen instruments that we think sound like jungle and farm animals. We have really enjoyed spending time learning outdoors in the early years play ground, as the weather is getting warmer. 

Next half term, we will be immersing ourselves into the world of Pirates and Mermaids, it is sure to be exciting! ​ The curriculum map with further detail of our learning will be sent home during the first week back after the holidays.

Have a lovely half term!


January 2019

The EYFS Curriculum

Areas of learning include:

Communication, Language and Literacy Interacting, responding, developing communication skills and strategies (building understanding of pictures and symbols), and speech and language therapy targets.

Cognition/Maths Exploring the world around us, and what makes it change (cause and effect), developing fine motor skills through exploration, developing auditory and visual skills, learning that  objects still exist when out of sight (object permanence), developing underspending of numbers, space, shape and measure.

Understanding the World Belonging to my community both within, the local community and around the wider world, and using technology.

Personal, Social, Emotional Development Developing relationships with peers and adults, developing self-help skills, working towards self-occupying activities, working on occupational therapy targets.

Physical Development Developing physical strength through varied positioning when playing, working on physiotherapy targets.

Expressive Arts and Design Exploring media and materials, music and being imaginative.

Learning through Play…

All of the learning in Nursery is accessed through Topic enhanced play, as outlined in this overview. While accessing these activities, children are encouraged to use and extend all of their skills within every area of play in the classroom.

Spring 1 (2018/19)

Our Topic this half term is:

The Wheels on the Bus

We will be … Getting Messy!

Track printing, Pendulum painting,  Moving paint covered marbles around paper with a switch adapted fan, creating collages of modes of transport, and mixing primary colours.

We will be … Playing with Our Friends

As a group, children will be encouraged to spend time sharing play, turn taking, and attending to each other’s turns. Some of these activities include:

Dance massage (along to a range of transport sounds), Sensory Story (Amazing Airplanes), Active listening, Exploring transport/ songs nursery rhymes in pairs and Parachute games.

We will be … Experiencing modes of Transport first hand!

We will be visited in school by a van and a bus.

We will be using props and our imagination to travel on a train, an airplane, a boat and a magic carpet!

Topic enhanced cross curricular activities this term include:

Boats, and objects that float and sink in the water tray, “Jelly Baff” slime with a range of round objects in for sensory exploration, Sound buttons which play transport sounds, Interactive sensory poem, Playdoh with transport shaped cutters, and many, many more!


September 2018

We are the Nursery setting here at Greenmead primary school. We follow an adapted version of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, which is tailored to meet each child’s learning needs. In Europa Class, we follow a play based approach to learning, where children work towards individual goals as well as in small groups and whole class groups for some activities. We have a large classroom space with a range of different activities for the children to experience and explore, as well as access to a lovely outdoor space where we can extend our learning.

This term, we have had lots of new children join Europa, and so we have been very busy settling in, making new friends and exploring our new surroundings. Each half term we have a new topic which provides exciting and motivating opportunities for learning across the seven different areas of the EYFS. This half term our topic has been “I Like It”. Within this we have been learning about all of the things we do and do not like, exploring through our senses and learning about our new friends likes and dislikes.

Please do pop back again to hear about all of the exciting things we have been up to!











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